With the purpose of providing economical, reliable & trustworthy solution to the Sri Lankan customers, Cosmo Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has established as a proud member among the family of KDG Global Group of Companies. By feeling the customer needs, Cosmo Engineering (Pvt) Ltd initiated to launch dynamic & economical commercial vehicles range for the industry, as the initial step. After evaluating over 150 vehicle manufactures in the region, JMCGL was selected, not only due to the highest level of suitability of JMCGL LIGHT TRUCK products for the requirements of Sri Lankan customers but also succeeded in enjoying prime position among automobile manufacturing companies in the region . With the support of Jiangling Group Light Motors Co., Ltd Cosmo Engineering (Pvt) Ltd successfully launched JMCGL LIGHT TRUCK range to the local customers.

Cosmo Engineering (Pvt) Ltd , as a company which recognized the Transporting needs of the customers, wishes to introduce new models of vehicles & expand our services towards Sri Lankan market. Overall it’s not only the vehicle or product we offer to our customers but the total satisfaction which makes our customers delighted. Our message is simple thou you can find many competitive brands in Sri Lanka Would you purchase on an extensive product with a large amount and less attractiveness or you purchase on our JMCGL cabs with a fully satisfaction from attractiveness and prize.


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